Ophthalmic Issues

Initial Evaluation

  • Ocular symptom: onset (sudden or progressive) & duration of sx; unilateral vs. bilateral; pain; photophobia; discharge; Δ in near (eg, book) or far (eg, TV across room) vision
  • Pre-existing ocular conditions, eye meds (incl any Δs), recent h/o ocular surgery, trauma
  • Ocular exam: vision (✓ with Pt’s correction [glasses/contacts]) w/ each eye; pupillary exam; EOM; confrontation visual fields (important if suspect CNS problem)
  • Overall: VS, immunocomp., s/s of infxn, h/o malig, CNS issues, Δ in meds, CBC, coags

Common Visual Symptoms

  • Fluctuation in vision (ie, blurry): med-induced refractive error temic steroids, chemoRx), hyperglycemia, dry eye (common).