Crystal Deposition Arthritides

Comparison of Gout and Pseudogout
Gout (NEJM 2011;364:443) Pseudogout (Rheum 2009;48:711)
Acute clinical Sudden onset painful mono- articular arthritis (classically podagra [MTP of great toe]) or bursitis; frequently nocturnal
May be polyarticular in subseq flares
Can mimic cellulitis (esp in foot)
Mono- or asymmetric oligoarthritis (esp knees, wrists and MCP joints); rare axial involvement (eg, crowned dens syndrome)
Chronic clinical Solid crystal deposition (tophus) in joints (esp. toes, fingers, wrists, knees) & tissue (esp. olecranon bursa, pinna, Achilles) “Pseudo-RA” w/ polyarticular arthritis w/ morning stiffness or “Pseudo-OA”