Infxns In Immunosuppressed Hosts


  • Many Pts have ≥1 risk (eg, DM, ESRD, transplant, extremes of age)
  • The following is not an exhaustive list, but a delineation of common or classic etiologies
Predisposition Classic Infectious Etiologies
Humoral immune dysfunction (eg, CVID, myeloma) and asplenia Encapsulated bacteria: S. pneumo, H. flu, N. meningitidis (vaccinate against these 3, ideally prior to splenectomy)
Other bacteria: E. coli and other GNRs, Capnocytophaga
Parasites: Babesia, Giardia; Viruses: VZV, echovirus, enterovirus
Granulocytopenia or neutropenia (includes DM, ESRD → functional impairment) Bacteria: Gram positive: coag ⊖ staph, S. aureus