Disorders of Leukocytes

    Neutrophilia (>7500–10,000/µL)
    Infection Usually bacterial; ± toxic granulations, Döhle bodies
    Inflammation Burn, tissue necrosis, MI, PE, collagen vascular disease
    Drugs and toxins Corticosteroids, β-agonists, lithium, G-CSF; cigarette smoking
    Stress Release of endogenous glucocorticoids and catecholamines
    Marrow stimulation Hemolytic anemia, immune thrombocytopenia
    Asplenia Surgical, acquired (sickle cell), congenital (dextrocardia)
    Neoplasm Can be 1° (MPN) or paraneoplastic (eg, carcinomas of lung, GI)
    Leukemoid reaction >50,000/µL + left shift, not due to leukemia; unlike CML, ↑ LAP
    Neutropenia (ANC <1000/µL)
    Congenital Myelokathexis, Shwachman-Diamond-Oski, Chédiak-Higashi, retic dysgen., WHIM syndrome, cyclic neutropenia, monoMAC drome (↓ monos, NKs)