Urine Dipstick
Metric Significance and Uses
Estimate Uosm: each 0.001 above 1 ≈ 30 osm (SG 1.010 → Uosm ≈ 300)
SG and Uosm useful in evaluating AKI, dysnatremias, polyuria Heavy substances (glucose, contrast) ↑ SG more than Uosm
pH Range: 4.5–8.5; useful in evaluation of stones, RTAs, infection (urease UTI)
Protein Detects albuminuria (>300 mg/d); see “Proteinuria”. False ⊖: dilute urine
Blood See “Hematuria”; ⊕ from RBCs, free Hgb, or free myoglobin (eg, rhabdo)
False ⊕: semen, dilute urine (→ osmotic cell lysis),