Acute Diarrhea (<4 weeks’ duration)

Acute Infectious Etiologies (NEJM 2014;370:1532; JAMA 2015;313:71; CDC Yellow Book 2018)
NONINFLAMMATORY Predom. disruption small intestine absorp. & secretion. Voluminous diarrhea, N/V.Fecal WBC & FOB.
Preformed toxin “Food poisoning,” <24 h dur. S. aureus (meats & dairy),
B. cereus (fried rice), C. perfringens (rewarmed meats).
Viral (Lancet 2018; 392:175) Rotavirus Outbreak person to person (PTP), daycare; lasts 4–8 d.
Norovirus ~50% of all diarrhea. Winter outbreaks; PTP & food/water;
no immunity. Lasts 1–3 d. Vomiting prominent.
Bacterial E. coli (toxigenic) >50% of ler’s diarrhea; cholera-like toxin; <7 d.