Diseases with mechanical and/or electrical dysfunction of the myocardium

Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM)

Definition and epidemiology (Circ 2013;128:e240; JACC 2013;62:2046)

  • Ventricular dilatation and ↓ contractility ± ↓ wall thickness in the absence of myocardial disease caused by ischemia/infarct, valvular disease or hypertension
  • Incidence: 5–8/100,000/y; prevalence: 1/2500. Most common reason for heart transplant.

Etiologies (JACC 2011;57:1641; Circ Res 2012;111:131)

  • Familial (~35%): Pt & ≥2 closely related family members w/ otherwise unexplained DCM; ~30 genes identified to date, encoding structural & nuclear proteins
  • Idiopathic (<20%): ? undiagnosed infectious, alcoholic, or genetic cause