• Aliases: Biosimilar ABP 980; biosimilar PF-05280014
    • A recombinant humanized mAb directed against the HER2 inducing an ADCC against tumor cells that overexpress HER2
    • FDA approved for the treatment of HER2-overexpressing breast cancer in adjuvant or metastatic setting and HER2-overexpressing gastric cancer
    • Currently under investigation for treatment of other cancers that overexpress HER2
    • Recommended dose: Adjuvant or metastatic breast: Initial dose of 4 mg/kg over 90-minute IV infusion followed by subsequent weekly doses of 2 mg/kg as 30-minute IV infusion. Metastatic gastric: Initial dose of 8 mg/kg over 90-minute IV infusion followed over 30- to 90-minute IV infusion every 3 weeks
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