• Alias: GSK1120212, JTP-74057
    • An orally bioavailable molecule that specifically binds to and inhibits MEK 1/2
    • FDA approved for (1) BRAF-V600E– or V600K–mutated metastatic melanoma, and (2) in combination with dabrafenib for BRAF-V600E–mutated metastatic NSCLC
    • First FDA-approved MEK inhibitor
    • Recommended dose: 2 mg PO daily
    • Half-life: 4 to 5 days
    • Metabolism: Weak CYP450 2C8 inhibitor and weak/moderate CYP450 3A4 inducer
    • Common side effects: Rash or dermatitis acneiform, diarrhea, peripheral edema, fatigue, hypertension, transaminitis
    • Clinical pearls: To prevent rash, avoid sun exposure and harsh soaps. Encourage patients to avoid spicy and acidic foods. ntacid medication. Instruct patients to report visual changes immediately. Obtain baseline retinal and retinal vein examination.
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