• Alias: SU11248
    • Antiangiogenesis inhibitor of PDGFR and VEGFR, as well as KIT and RET
    • FDA approved for renal cell carcinoma, imatinib-resistant GI stromal tumors, and progressive, well-differentiated pNET
    • Recommended dose: 50 mg daily, 4 weeks on treatment followed by 2 weeks off. pNET dose: 37.5 mg daily, continuously without a scheduled off-treatment period
    • Half-life: 40 to 60 hours
    • Common side effects: Hepatotoxicity (US box warning), yellowing of skin, fatigue, pyrexia, diarrhea, nausea/vomiting, rash
    • Clinical pearls: Swelling of the face, upper, and lower extremities is a possible side effect. Higher risk of s when taking bisphosphonates with this drug
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