• Alias: PKC412
    • A tyrosine kinase inhibitor that inhibits multiple receptors, such as wild-type FLT3, FLT3 mutant kinases ITD and TKD, KIT (wild-type and D816V mutant), PDGFRα/β, VEGFR2, and members of the serine/threonine PKC family. Midostaurin inhibits FLT3 receptor signaling and cell proliferation, and induces apoptosis in ITD- and TKD-mutant expressing leukemic cells, as well as in cells overexpressing wild-type FLT3 and PDGFR. It may also inhibit KIT signaling, cell proliferation, and histamine release (and induces apoptosis) in mast cells.
    • FDA approved for mast cell leukemia, systemic mastocytosis, and FLT3-mutated acute myelogenous leukemia
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