• An inhibitor of RTKs, including ALK, MET, ROS1, and RON
    • FDA approved for locally advanced or metastatic ALK-positive NSCLC
    • Recommended dose: 250 mg orally twice daily
    • Half-life: 42 hours
    • Metabolism: Major CYP3A4 substrate and P-glycoprotein
    • Common side effects: Vision problems (diplopia, blurred vision), nausea/vomiting, diarrhea, dysphagia, GE reflux disease, reflux esophagitis, swelling of hands or feet, fatigue, dizziness, transaminitis (ALT increase)
    • Clinical pearls: Advise patients to exercise caution when driving or operating machinery because of the risk of developing visual changes such as floaters, blurred vision, light sensitivity, or flashes of light.
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