• Aliases: MEDI-538; MT-103; AMG-103
    • A recombinant, single-chain, anti-CD19/anti-CD3 bispecific mAb that possesses two antigen-recognition sites, one for the CD3 complex, a group of T-cell surface glycoproteins that complex with the TCR, and one for CD19, a TAA overexpressed on the surface of B cells
    • FDA approved for relapsed or refractory B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia
    • Recommended dose: Each induction and consolidation treatment cycle consists of 4 weeks of continuous infusion followed by a 2-week treatment-free interval (allow at least 2 weeks treatment-free between cycles). Each continued therapy cycle consists of 4 interval. Therapy involves up to two induction cycles followed by three additional cycles for consolidation and up to four additional cycles of continued therapy (a total of up to nine cycles).
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