Targeting ROS-1

Normal Biology

  • ROS-1 is a RTK, structurally similar to ALK. It is encoded by the c-ros oncogene.
  • The natural ligand for ROS-1 and its role in normal physiologic development remains unknown. The extracellular domain contains sequences analogous to proteins involved in cell adhesion.
  • In normal adults, ROS-1 protein expression is highest in the kidney, but is also found in stomach, intestines, and neural tissue.

Role in Cancer

  • Fusion of ROS-1 with a multitude of different partners results in enhanced oncogenesis.
  • Several fusion partners have been identified including FIG, SLC34A2, CD74, SDC4, G3, TPM3, CEP85L, KDELR2, CCDC6, YWHAE, and TFG.
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