ALK Alterations

    Cancer Type ALK Alterations ALK Positive (%)
    Lyrnphorna Fusions NPM-ALK, TPM3-ALK, TPM4-ALK 60
    Neuroblastoma Mutation, overexpression 40, 100
    NSCLC Fusions EML4-ALK, K1F5B-ALK 5
    Colorectal Fusion EML4-ALK 2
    Breast Fusion EML4-ALK 2
    Inflammatory breast Amplification 87 (13 of 15 tumors)
    Renal (nonclear cell) Fusions EML4-ALK, TPM3-ALK 2
    • Nucleophosmin (NPM, also known as nucleolar phosphoprotein B23 or numatrin) binds single-stranded and double-stranded nucleic acids and has multiple functions including genomic stability and DNA repair.
    • Tropomyosin α-3 chain (TPM3) is a member of the family of actin-binding proteins involved in contraction of muscles and cytoskeleton of nonmuscle cells.
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