Aberrations in FGFR Associated with Cancer

    Molecular Alteration Tumor Type Prevalence
    FGFR1 translocation Glioblastoma N/A
    Breast N/A
    Lung squamous cell carcinoma N/A
    8p11 myeloproliferative syndrome N/A
    FGFR1 mutation Pilocytic astrocytoma 5%–8%
    Gastric 4%
    FGFR1 amplification Small-cell lung cancer (SCLC) 6%
    Osteosarcoma 17%
    Breast 10%–15%
    Ovarian 5%
    Squamous cell, lung 7%–15%
    Squamous cell, head and neck 10%–17%
    Squamous cell, esophageal 9%
    FGFR2 translocation Intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma 14%
    Prostate N/A
    Breast N/A
    FGFR2 mutation Endometrial 12%–14%
    Squamous non–small cell lung 5%
    FGFR2 amplification Gastric 5%–10%
    Breast 4%
    FGFR3 translocation Bladder 3%–6%
    Glioblastoma 3%
    Myeloma 15%–20%
    Lung adenocarcinoma 5%
    Squamous cell, lung
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